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What do you do when you left an item inside a taxi?

I hope you will not be in this situation as it's very alarming and inconvenienced on your part.  We believe in 'prevention' and that's the initial topic that i'd like to discuss.

Private car hire taxi companies generally have a record of the passenger and journey details, that will be a relief if you booked a taxi with a Private Car Hire (PCH) taxi service company.  If you took a hackney cab (London Cab) from either Aldershot, Farnborough Main/North Train stations, then, most likely, your chances are slim but not impossible.

When riding a hackney taxi hailed from the road or from the train station, remember the following:

1 - Look at the well-known features of the taxi vehicles (color, size, make/model, plate or drivers' physical feature)

2 - Request for an ID, taxi drivers are legally obliged to show you their ID's or license, report to Rushmoor Taxi Licensing if the driver refused

3 - You may write down the plate license and text it to your relative or friend

Taxi drivers are legally obliged to surrender all found items to the nearest police station or return the item to the owners' location whichever is convenient and what the situation was.  A little bit of request though, from the drivers' point of view, it will be helpful if you could offer at least a fare for the gasoline or time of the driver.

You may also report the item to Rushmoor Taxi licensing office:

Rushmoor Borough Council
Council Offices
Farnborough Road
GU14 7JU
United Kingdom
Tel:01252 398855
Fax:01252 398088