If you need a taxi service in Bentley, Dinez Taxis and Airport Transfers provides a highly reliable taxi service in the areas of Bentley in Farnham, Surrey.  Just note that Bentley train station is very small and secluded, it's quite dark in the evening or during winter time, it's best to book your taxi in advance.  Are you going to Heathrow or Gatwick airports from Bentley?  Then, call us to book your airport transfer service in advance.  We are not local in Bentley however, if you aim for a great customer experience, then, it's worth trying our taxi service.

To find out more about us, just type 'Dinez Taxis' in Google, we are also on TripAdvisor, we let our clients speak in behalf of our service.

Now, if you are attending a wedding in Farnham, most likely, you will be in The Barn, Bury Court, Froyle Park or Northbrook park.  Those three wedding events are in the remote areas of Farnham, taxi is not very easy to find.

We accept taxi bookings from Bentley to those wedding events, just e-mail us (as indicated above) or ring us, we would suggest to send us an e-mail for any enquiries of quotation.  if you are traveling to Bentley train station, contact us an hour before your arrival.  We do have set fares for taxi to the wedding venues.

AIRPORT TAXI from BENTLEY to Heathrow/Gatwick?

Ohhh... after a long period of planning, you are now nearly flying to Heathrow or Gatwick airports.  Excited? Of course!  The thought of just relaxing away from any work is great, so, where are you heading?  USA? Dubai? A coffee in Paris?  Visiting Maldives? Bangkok?  Wow.... ! Whatever your plans are, we are ready for you.  Ring us to book an 8 or 6 seater taxis, those are perfect for large group with plenty of luggages.  For business trips? Of course, we have them as well.

So, how do we book your taxi service?  We will create a calendar invite, you will receive courtesy reminders as well, we will get in touch with you in good time and if you are returning, there's a dedicated meeting point at the airport.  Driver and car details will be sent.

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